Bathroom Ideas

Here are some great ideas whether you’re planning your dream bath, remodeling, redecorating, or just looking for some effective storage ideas.

Enhance Space
Use these ideas to make your bathroom feel larger.

  • Push out a wall with light. Shadowy corners shrink a room. Illuminate those areas with wall fixtures or track lights.
  • Bring in more natural light by replacing a tiny window above the tub with a large garden window or glass block. Skylights are another good option.
  • Replace space-stealing fixtures with sleeker alternatives – trade a bulky vanity for a pedestal sink.
  • For those who love to soak, trade a standard-size tub for a deep, but small-circumference soaking tub. Alternatively, remove the tub and install a corner shower.
  • Think vertical; direct the eye upward with wood mouldings, borders, and vertical stripes.
  • Eliminate clutter; sweep countertops clean, keep wallpaper light with small scale prints. Avoid frilly curtains and furry bathmats.
  • Stick with one finish, such as tile, on as many surfaces as possible.
  • Use mirrors to make your bath look roomier.

Add Storage Space
Here are just a few ways to help a bathroom store more. Equip a vanity with space organizers so you can make good use of the available space. You don’t need more than four inches of depth to store anything in the bathroom. Use the space between studs, for example, to create a shallow 16 inch wide cabinet that’s 6 feet tall. By doing so, you’re really providing an incredible amount of storage, now all those things aren’t lost in the back of a vanity cabinet. Make the door to your ‘stud cabinet’ vanish by having it double as a full-length mirror. If your bathroom is wider than 5 feet, you may have space at the foot of the tub for installing shelving or a cabinet. You also may want to consider hanging shallow shelves on the back of your bathroom entry door or above the toilet. For additional counter space, stretch your countertop materials from the vanity across the top of the toilet.