Heating and Cooling

Programmable Thermostats automatically adjust to your homes’ temperature settings, allowing you to save energy when the family is out or sleeping, for a savings of approximately $100 per year when used properly. Consider thermostat features and compatibility with your system when purchasing and consult a reputable professional for installation.

Heat Recovery Ventilators capture the existing heated air and use the warmth to heat the fresh air pulled into the house, ensuring both continually fresh air and a consistent temperature. These are functional with a variety of different heating systems, although the cost may vary accordingly.

Heat Pumps can provide up to four times the amount of energy they consume, making them a very efficient heating option and cost effective because they move heat rather than generate heat. In the winter, a heat pump collects small amounts of outdoor heat and draws it into the home. In the summer, it can act in reverse to cool the home by moving inside heat to the outdoors. However, because these rely on electricity, many homeowners also maintain their existing heating system in case of electrical outages.

High-Efficiency Furnace – Like other pieces of the home-energy puzzle, a new, high-efficiency furnace can save considerable energy and do a better job of heating your home. While a new furnace can be a big ticket item, the saving earned from energy savings mean it could pay for itself in a few years. Just like your kitchen appliances, look for the EnergyStar label to ensure you’re getting a furnace that is guaranteed to use less energy than regular new models and considerably less than older, lower-efficiency models.

Regardless of your system, regular heating system maintenance by qualified professionals will keep your heating system operating at optimum levels. Oil furnaces and boilers require a thorough cleaning and tuning each spring, while gas furnaces and boilers should be serviced at least once every two years. Electric baseboard heating units should be vacuumed at least twice a year.

Circulating Fans can be useful in homes where the upper floors get hot with the rising heated air.