The Trusted Contractor

Pross Renovations holds 22 building certificates in all aspects of construction, ensuring expert and quality workmanship with every project. Our team provides over 40 years of experience and full certification in Green Building and Hazardous Asbestos Removal to guarantee energy savings and family safety.

With over 520 projects and 14 custom home builds, Pross Renovations continues to proudly serve Victoria BC and it's surrounding areas.

Most importantly, you make the final decision with any renovation decision!

Trusted Green Builders

What is a Green Builder exactly? By choosing a Green Builder, you are making an effort to save the environment while adding value to your home. As a trusted contractor, Pross Renovations will use only healthy and safe products. The average person doesn't realize what hidden dangers can lurk in even the most distinguished homes, dangers which can lead to health issues for young or old. Guaranteeing safety through rigorous hazard testing is a critical step we take with every project.

A growing number of homeowners are working to have their home not only healthier to live in, but also cost effective. We pride in the quality of using better, healthier, and safer products in your home.

Interesting Health & Safety Fact

In view of widespread use, Formaldehyde's toxicity and volatility had begun posing more significant dangers to human health. Formaldehyde is still commonly used in household items even today, including press board and MDF particle board.